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      行久走遠,回望人生,總覺得少了些什么,也許就是少了那么一點盈盈書香,大家常說最是書香能致遠,大概只有走出人生才有體會吧!下面是小編... [查看全文]

      2021-04-06雙語詩歌翻譯:Philip Larkin – Winter Nocturne

      行久走遠,回望人生,總覺得少了些什么,也許就是少了那么一點盈盈書香,大家常說最是書香能致遠,大概只有走出人生才有體會吧!下面是小編... [查看全文]

      2020-08-11雙語 ● 桃花扇底歌聲杳

      TUNE: SONG OF THE PEARL珍珠令No song is heard with my peach blossom fan in hand.桃花扇底歌聲杳。How much I am an... [查看全文]

      2020-08-11雙語 ● 采香何處追游好?

      TUNE: FLICKERING RED CANDLE燭影搖紅FOR SHAO THE PURE HEART答邵素心Across the stream I call for boat;隔水呼舟,Where ... [查看全文]

      2020-08-10雙語 ● 東風也怕花嗔

      TUNE: SONG OF FOUR WORDS四字令Orioles sing amid leafy trees green;鶯吟翠屏,The breeze blows cloud-like willow down... [查看全文]

      2020-08-10雙語 ● 是誰來摘花?

      TUNE: MORNING HORN AND FROSTY SKYA shadow’s seenPast window screen.Who comes to pluck flowers from my trees?You ... [查看全文]

      2020-08-09雙語 ● 少年聽雨歌樓上

      TUNE: BEAUTIFUL LADY YULISTENING TO RAINWhile young, I listen to rain in the house of song,Overjoyed in curtained... [查看全文]

      2020-08-09雙語 ● 一片春愁待酒澆

      TUNE: A TWIG OF MUME BLOSSOMSMY BOAT PASSING BY SOUTHERN RIVERCan boundless vernal grief be drowned in vernal wi... [查看全文]

      2020-08-08雙語 ● 一襟余恨官魂斷

      TUNE: A SKYFUL OF JOYTHE CICADAThe cicada transformed from the wronged Queen of QiPours out her broken heart fro... [查看全文]

      2020-08-08雙語 ● 堪笑一葉漂零

      TUNE: CHARM OF A MAIDEN SINGERImmense is universe,Could dragons be imprisoned in pools so small?How can we stay ... [查看全文]