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        一提到書信,可能大家都知道應該怎么寫,可是一說到英語作文中的書信格式,是不是立馬覺得這也太難了,今天聽力課堂小編就來告訴大家英... [查看全文]


        寫英語作文時只要把握好關鍵點,也并不是什么難事。今天聽力課堂小編就來告訴大家訣竅啦!快往下看看吧!  一、審題要清  看到考題后... [查看全文]

      2019-05-06初中英語作文:剪紙 Paper Cutting

        初中英語作文:剪紙 Paper Cutting  China has the history of more than five thousand years. As a result, there... [查看全文]

      2019-05-06初一英語作文:美妙的一天 A Wonderful Day

        Yesterday, my mother told me that we were going to visit my grandparents, I was so happy to hear that. I ... [查看全文]

      2019-05-06初一英語作文:我的舞臺 My Stage

        初一英語作文:我的舞臺 My Stage  I am a shy girl, when my teachers ask me the questions, I will always low ... [查看全文]

      2019-05-05英語作文:成為一個勇敢的女孩 To Be A Brave Girl

        初一英語作文:成為一個勇敢的女孩 To Be A Brave Girl  People tell us that we should to be a brave girl, so th... [查看全文]


        I live in the village with my grandparents. I love the life here. Early in the morning, the air is very f... [查看全文]


        When I was very small, I stayed in the hometown with my grandparents. I had the great time there, I liked... [查看全文]


        初一英語作文 祖國的變化  Great changes have taken place in China. Many new buildings have been built in citie... [查看全文]

      2019-05-04初一英語作文:包餃子Make Dumplings

        Dmpling is a traditional chinese food. On the lunar new year&#39; s day, most families make a lot of delici... [查看全文]