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       As you know,ladies and gentlemen,buzz feed,buzz feed,that's a big deal,it publishes hundreds of lists every single day. 大家知道 消息網 消息網每天會發布上百個榜單

      But coming up with all these lists is a lot of pressure. 擔心想出新榜單的點子是有很大壓力的
      I'm worried,I'm starting to worry the good people at buzzfeed are running out of ideas for lists.Ok. 我開始擔心 消息網已經沒榜單可列了 好嗎
      You'll see what I mean in this piece we call buzzfeed is running out of lists. 你們會明白我意思的 接下來這節叫做消息網沒榜單了
      When that logo comes up,it's very suggestive. 那個標志出現的時候 很有暗示性
      What do you mean?Put it up again.Watch.Right when it starts.Go back.Look at that.I didn't notice that. 怎么了 再來一次 看啊 就開始的時候 回去 看啊 我以前都沒發現呢
      You thought it was worth stopping the show.Sure,absolutely. 你覺得這事值得我們暫停節目說嗎 當然了
      After a few drinks,I'd like to know how you got that right age until there.You can take that away now.Boating accident. 有時幾杯下肚 我想知道你那個角度是怎么做到的 可以撤掉啦 就是船只意外
      Here's some buzzfeed,remember the 40 minutes ago,buzzfeed's running a little dry.Running out of ideas. 請大家記住40分鐘前的段子架構 消息網已經沒什么靈感了 沒點子了
      Here's some lists I've seen recently.Check it out.Look at this one. 以下是我最近見到的一些榜單 看看吧 看這個
      Nine famous who started out as peeping Toms. 9個最初是偷窺狂的天文學家
      There's 12 babies who believe in smaller government. 12個相信政府縮小化的嬰兒
      seven who work from home.That's just dumb. 7個在家工作的斗牛士 簡直太蠢了
      41 camel toes that kind of look like crotches. 41個像胯部的駱駝趾
      17 babysitters guaranteed to break up your family.Oh,dear. 17個一定能拆散你家庭的保姆 天吶
      15 people who weren't famous to begin with and are unrecongnizable today. 15個本來沒名氣 如今更是路人甲的人


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