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      英語語法練習題 如何練習英語語法








        1、The old man feeds four ___.

        A. piggs B. piges C. pigs D. pig

        2、Please remember to give the horse some tree___.

        A.leafs B. leaves C. leaf D. leave

        3、Would you like something to drink, ___or coffee?

        A.tea B. fruit C. bread D. meat

        4、Mr. White has a beautiful garden with many___ in it.

        A. flowers B. grass C. villages D. water

        5、There are seven ___ in a week.

        A. dayes B. days C. dayies D. day


        1、—Mom, could you pass me some___? It’s delicious.

        —OK, but only a little.

        A.butter B. apples C. tomatoes D. sandwiches

        2、—What’s in the cupboard?

        —A few ___, but little ___.

        A. apples; coffee B. coffee; apples

        C. apple; coffees D. coffees; apples、

        3、He gave us ___ on how to protect eyes.

        A. some advices B. some advice

        C. an advice D. a advice

        4、There are ___ on my desk.

        A. three paper B. three pieces of papers

        C. three pieces of paper D. three papers

        5、A group of ___ will visit the museum tomorrow.

        A. Englishman B. American

        C. Australian D. Chinese

        6、The farmer raised ten ___.

        A. sheeps B. deers C. horse D. cows

        7、Why not give Linda some ___? She has failed in Chinese several times.

        A. notice B. suggestion C. advice D. warning

        8、When we saw Liu Xiang’s face, we knew ___ was bad.

        A. some news B. a news C. the news D. news

        9、I wonder why ___ are interested in action films.

        A. people B. peoples C. the people D. the peoples

        10、There is good ___for you. I’ve found the watch.

        A. news B. ideas C. messages D. thoughts


        1、I think the teenagers should try to improve their living ___.

        A. activities B. skills C. memory D. success

        2、—Mum, something is wrong with my teeth. I can’t

        eat anything.

        —What about seeing a ___ at once?

        A. designer B. dentist C. director D. detective

        3、 Mike and his friend are going to the ___ to see the

        new action movie tonight.

        A. bookshop B. restaurant C. concert D. cinema

        4、They got much ___ from those new books.

        A. ideas B. photos C. information D. stories

        5、We often use the mobile phone to send text ___ to our friends.

        A. menus B. messages C. advice D. warning


        1—5 CBAAB; 1—10 AABCD; DCCAA

        1—5 BBDCB


        1、I’m talking to you, Jake. Please listen to ___ carefully.

        A. me B. mine C. you D. yours

        2、Tom and I are good friends.___ often help each other.

        A. We B. Us C. Our D. Ours

        3、Mr.Wang is very friendly, and ___like him a lot.

        A. ours B. us C. our D. we

        4、I’m going to the cinema. Would you like to go with___?

        A. me B. I C. my D. mine

        5、Don’t just stand there. Do ___!

        A. anything B. something

        C. everything D. Nothing


        1、I hear someone___ at the door. Please go and see who___ is.

        A. knock, he B. knocking, he

        C. knock, it D. knocking, it

        2、Put it down, Tom . You mustn’t read ___ letter.

        A. else anyone’s B. anyone’s else

        C. anyone else’s D. anyone else

        3、His name is Jim but he calls ___ James.

        A. his B. himself C. him D./

        4、—Is ___ here?

        —No, Bob and Jim have asked for leave.

        A. anybody B. everybody C. somebody D.nobody

        5、There’s ____ to read.

        A. something interesting B. interesting something

        C. something interested D. interested something

        1—5 AADAB;

        1—5 DCBBA

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