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      英語早間課堂:話說地道美語 Lesson 25(2)之一





      短文回顧:In general, American teenagers are big spenders. They want to buy things the other kids have: CDs of the latest songs, CD players, videos. video games, electronic gadgets, fashionable clothes, and even cars. A few parents agree to foot the bill, but others don't. Instead, they put their foot down and insist that the kids get a job. After all, that is the best way for them to learn how to stand on their own feet and learn the value of money. 這段話中2個重要的動詞:一個是agree,一個是insist。


      1. Agree with sb on/about sth agree with sth

      Both of them means "to have the same opinion as sb; to say that you have the same opinion". 以上2個短語的中文意思都是同意某人的見解,意見等。我們通過下面的例句來熟悉它們的意思和運用。

      Eg. He agreed with them about the need for change.他同意他們需要變革的意見。

      Eg. Do you agree with me about the need for more schools?關于多建一些學校一事,你同意我的意見嗎?

      Eg. We couldn't agree on a date/when to meet.關于什么時候見面,我們未能取得一致意見。

      Eg. I agree with his analysis of the situation. 我同意他對情況的分析。

      2. agree that... agree to do...

      Eg. He agreed to let me go home early.他同意讓我早點回家。

      Eg. We agreed to start early. 我們贊成早些開始。

      Eg. We agreed (that) the proposal was a good one.我們一致認為她的提議好。

      3. Couldn't agree more

      這是一個習慣用語。It means "to agree completely".中文意思是完全同意。我們來看下面的2個小對話:

      A : It is disgusting that our math teacher gives us much homework to do at the weekend. 我們的數學老師在周末給我們的作業太多了,我們很討厭他。

      B : I couldn't agree more. 我完全同意。

      A : He's a lousy cook.他的廚藝太差勁了。

      B : I couldn't agree more. 可不是嘛,你說得太對了。

      4. Be agreed on/about sth It was agreed that...

      It means "if people are agreed or sth is agreed, everyone has the same opinion about sth" or "to have reached an agreement". 中文意思對......取得一致意見,一致同意......這是一個習語,運用它時,主語是指代人的名詞代詞的復數,或者是it。

      Eg. Are we agreed on the best course of action? 我們是否都一致同意這一最佳措施?

      Eg.It was agreed that another meeting was necessary.大家一致認為有必要再開一次會。

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