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      新奇事件簿 衛星將擾亂我們對星空的觀測






      Astronomers are concerned that our views of the heavens are becoming more and more obscured. Their warning comes ahead of a whole series of satellite launches by a variety of companies. Thousands of satellites are being launched into orbit throughout 2020 to make high-speed Internet more readily available across the world from space. The scientists say the skies will be so littered with arrays of satellites they will compete for our attention with the stars. They say the satellites will link up to form "mega-constellations" that could interfere with radio astronomy and the quality of images from optical telescopes. The astronomers said the satellites will appear as dazzling white streaks of light that could be mistaken for stars.


      Technology analysts say there are plans to launch as many as 46,000 satellites into space over the next few years. This is five times more than the number of objects sent into space since the launch of Sputnik 1 in 1957, over six decades ago. Satellites from companies like SpaceX and Amazon will provide much faster Internet speeds to even the remotest areas of the world. They will provide global connectivity across the globe. Even today, about 14 million people in the USA live in rural areas with zero Internet coverage. SpaceX will launch 120 satellites in January and has plans to send a further 12,000 into orbit in the next decade. Astrophysicist Dr Dave Clements called the initiative a "tragedy".

      技術分析人士說,在未來幾年內,計劃將向太空發射多達4.6萬顆衛星。這是自60多年前1957年發射第一顆人造衛星以來送入太空的物體數量的5倍多。來自SpaceX和亞馬遜的等公司的衛星將為世界,乃至世界最偏遠的地區提供更快的網速。它們將在全球范圍內提供全球連接。即使在今天,美國仍有約1400萬人生活在沒有互聯網覆蓋的農村地區。SpaceX將于一月發射120顆衛星,并已計劃在未來十年內再向軌道發射12000顆。天體物理學家Dave Clements博士稱這一舉措是一場“悲劇”。


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