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      安居工程 housing project for low-income families

      安居小區 a neighborhood for low-income families

      保障婦女就業權利 to guarantee women's right to employment

      城鎮居民最低生活保障 guarantee of subsistence allowances for urban residents

      在城鎮強制推行以養老、失業、醫療為重點的社會保險 Social welfare insurance,particularly old-age,unemployment and medical insurance,must be made mandatory n urban areas.

      城鎮社會保障體系 the social security system in urban areas

      城鎮職工基本醫療保險制度 the basic medical insurance system for urban employees

      創新精神 be innovation-minded;to havea creative mind

      促進學生德、智、體、美全面發展 ensure that students improve in terms of their moral,intellectualand fitness level as well as in their appreciation of aesthetics

      大家庭 extended family

      大力推行個人助學信貸 Personal loans to finance education should be vigorously promoted.

      大專文憑 associate degree(conferred to junior college students)

      待業人員 job seekers

      待遇優厚的工作 a well-paid job

      單親家庭 single parent family

      定向培訓 training for specific posts

      獨生子女 the only child

      對保障方案進行精算評估 Security programs should undergo actuarial review.

      對口扶貧 provide poverty alleviation aidto the designated sister regions

      惡性犯罪 major crimes

      反對迷信 be against superstition

      福利分房 buy a benefit-oriented apartment from the organization oneworks with

      復式住宅 compound apartment

      干部年輕化 rejuvenation of cadres

      崗位培訓 on-job training

      高度重視精神文明建設 pay close attention to cultural and ethical progress

      搞好優生優育 promote good prenatal and postnatal care

      個人自愿計劃 voluntary private plans

      工傷保險制度 the on-job injury insurance system

      工資收入分配制度 the wage and income distribution system

      關系國計民生的大事 matters vital to national well-being and the people's livelihood

      關心和支持殘疾人事業 Programs to help the physically and mentally challenged deserve our care and support.

      關心老齡人 care for senior citizens

      貴族學校 exclusive school(美);select school(英)

      國企下崗職工基本生活保障 guarantee of basic cost of living allowances for workers laid off from state-owned enterprises

      過緊日子 tighten one's belt

      過溫飽生活 live a life at a subsistentlevel

      合理調整就業結構 to rationally readjustthe employment structure

      后勤服務社會化 make logistic services independent in their operation

      積極發展民辦教育 Efforts should be made to develop schools not operated by government education epartments.

      基本養老金 basic pensions

      計劃生育責任制 responsibility systemof family planning

      繼續開展“掃黃打非”斗爭 The fight against pornography,illegal publications and piracy shall be continued.

      加快住房分配貨幣化進程 capitalizationprocess of housing distribution/allocation

      加強計劃生育工作 further improve family planning

      加強輿論監督 ensure that the correct orientation is maintained in public opinion

      家庭美德 family virtues

      堅持“兩手抓、兩手都要硬”的方針adhere to the principle of“doing two jobs at once and attaching equalimportance to each”

      堅持正確的輿論導向 maintain the correct orientation for public opinion

      建立集體合同制度 to establish a groupcontract system

      建立市場導向的就業機制 to establish amarket-oriented employment mechanism

      建立新型的勞動關系 to establish a new type of labor relations

      建設廉潔、勤政、務實、高效政府 builda clean and diligent,pragmatic and efficient government

      建設一個富強、民主、文明的國家 build a prosperous,strong,democratic and culturally advanced country

      教育程度 educational status;education received

      教育程度比率 educational attainment ratio

      戒毒所 drug rehabilitation center

      擴大就業和再就業 to expand employment and reemployment

      勞動保障監察制度 the labor security supervision system

      勞動標準體系 labor standard system

      勞動爭議處理體制 the system of handling labor disputes

      面臨困境 face adverse conditions

      培養創新精神和實踐能力 develop practical abilities and a spirit of innovation

      破案率 rate of solved criminal cases

      強制性普及方案 universally compulsoryprogram

      切實減輕中小學生過重的課業負擔 effectively reduce too heavy homework assignments for primary and secondary school students


      離退休人員基本養老金按時足額發放 to ensure that subsistence allowances for laid-off workers from state-owned enterprises and basic pensions for etirees are paid on time and in full

      人口出生率 birth rate

      人口老齡化 aging of population

      人口增長的高峰期 baby boom

      人口增長與社會經濟發展相協調 keep population growth in line with social and economic development

      人民生活水平 quality of life;the livingstandards


      要 The programs for the development of work concerning women and children should be earnestly implemented.

      弱勢群體 disadvantaged groups

      掃除青壯年文盲 eliminate illiteracy among young and middle-aged people

      傷殘保險 disability insurance

      社會保障 social security

      社會保障“三條保障線”制度 social security system of“three guarantees”

      社會福利制度 the social welfare system

      社會公德 social morality

      社會互助制度 the social mutual help system

      社會治安狀況好轉 see an improved law-and-order situation our peoplea relatively comfortable life

      實行彈性大、靈活性強、多樣化的就業形式 to adopt elastic,flexible,diversified forms of employment

      實行勞動合同制度 to institute a labor contract system


      活動 Extensive public participation activities are launched to promote cultural and ethical progress.

      生活待遇 material amenities

      生活費收入 income available for cost of living

      生活費用 cost of living;income maintenance;subsistence cost

      生育保險制度 the childbirth insurancesystem

      失學兒童 dropouts

      失業保險 unemployment insurance

      失業保險制度 the unemployment insurance system

      失業率 rate of unemployment

      實施積極促進就業的政策 to implementthe policy of vigorously increasing employment

      實現基本普及九年義務教育 The goal in the effort to make nine-year compulsory education basically universal has been attained.

      實現小康目標 attain the goal of ensuring

      樹立正確的價值觀、世界觀、人生觀 help foster the morally sound values and outlook on the world and life

      思想道德建設(思想政治工作)moral education among people

      提高勞動者素質 to enhance workers' quality

      統籌兼顧城鄉就業 to make overall plans for urban and rural employment


      次的就業服務網絡 to encourage the formation of community-run agencies as a part of the multi-level employment service network

      推進素質教育 push ahead with education for all-around development

      推行職業資格證書制度 to introduce a vocational qualification credentials system

      退休基金 pension fund

      脫貧 lift off poverty;cast off poverty

      完善和落實再就業優惠政策 to improveand implement preferential reemployment

      完善失業保險制度 to improve the unemployment insurance system

      文明城市 model city;culturally advanced city;city cited for high moral and cultural standards

      物業管理 estate management;property management

      消費價格總水平 the general price level

      小家庭 nuclear family

      小康生活 enjoy a fairly comfortable life;be moderately better off

      新生兒死亡率 infant mortality rate;neonatal mortality rate

      行行出狀元 Every profession produces its own leading authority.

      研究生畢業證/學位證 graduate diploma;graduate degree's diploma

      養老保險 retirement insurance

      養老保險制度 the old-age insurance system

      醫療保險 medical insurance

      應試教育體制 examination-oriented education system

      優撫安置制度 the special care and placement system

      優化就業結構 to optimize employment structure

      有公德心 be civic-minded

      輿論導向 direction of public opinion

      輿論監督 supervision by public opinion

      預期壽命 life expectancy

      自然災害救助制度 the natural disaster relief system

      在職博士生 on-job doctorate

      招生就業指導 enrolment and vocation guidance

      爭取實現高等教育大眾化 work to make regular higher education accessible to the majority of young people

      政府主導計劃 government-sponsored programs

      職業道德 ethics of profession

      中華人民共和國勞動法 the Labor Law of the People's Republic of China

      中專生 secondary specialized or technical school student

      重視發展具有比較優勢和市場潛力的勞動密集型企業 to stress the development of labor-intensive enterprises with comparative advantages and market potential

      抓好農村和流動人口計劃生育管理與服務 devote efforts to the management of family planning and related services in rural areas and among the floating population

      自然增長率 natural growth rate

      自學成才 self-taught and self-made person;become a qualified professional through self-taught way

      最低生活保障制度 the minimum living standard security system

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