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      高二英語作文:How to Write A Summary





        How to write a summary

        1、the author tells us the importance of self-learning for children. not only should the teacher help the students to correct their mistakes, but also they should depend themselves to correct their own mistakes.

        2、this passage discusses the importance of self-learning for children. students should have the chance to correct their own mistakes, learn-by-doing and learn from each other, not just the teacher.

        3、the article gives the view that teachers should let students correct their mistakes by themselves. students are able to correct their own mistakes and teachers’ frequent correction will make children unable to judge their own work.

        4、some people think students’ mistakes should be corrected by themselves and it is wrong for the teachers to do it for them too often in school. it will make the children dependent on the teachers.

        the author (the passage) discussed the benefit of extracurricular activities including being a way to improve students’ health, widen their social circle and introduce them to new ideas and people.

        reviews the most important points of the text. it should be brief (short). furthermore, the summary should be written as much as possible in your own words. it contains only the main ideas and what the author talks about the topic but not include much explanation or examples.


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