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      【習題訓練】 十八、主謂一致







      1. —Did you go to the show last night?

       —Yeah. Every boy and girl in the area__________invited.

      A. were

      B. have been

      C. has been

      D. was

      2. __________people were killed because of SARS.

      A. Much

      B. A large number of

      C. Thousand of

      D. The number of

      3. The rich__________not always happy.

      A. are

      B. is

      C. has

      D. have

      4. The Olympic Games__________held every__________years.

      A. is… four

      B. are… four

      C. is… five

      D. are… five

      5. No one but her classmates__________it.

      A. know

      B. knows

      C. is knowing

      D. are knowing

      6. Many people say 10, 000__________a lot of money.

      A. dollar is

      B. dollars are

      C. dollars is

      D. dollar are

      7. No bird and no beast__________on the lonely island.

      A. are seen

      B. is seen

      C. see

      D. sees

      8. Look, here come some__________.

      A. dog

      B. horse

      C. deer

      D. cow

      9. The number of students of this school__________large.

      A. are

      B. have not

      C. isn't

      D. aren't

      10. The singer and pianist__________asked to make a speech at the meeting yesterday.

      A. is

      B. was

      C. are

      D. were

      11. The old__________in our country.

      A. is well looked after

      B. are looked well

      C. are taken good care of

      D. take good care of

      12. Not only my brother but also I__________ good at painting. Both of us__________good painters.

      A. are… are

      B. am… are

      C. is… is

      D. are… is

      13. A teacher, with three students, __________in the office now.

      A. are sitting

      B. is sitting

      C. talk

      D. are talking

      14. The number of the students in our class__________48.

      A. has

      B. have

      C. is

      D. are

      15. This bag of apples__________5 kilos.

      A. weighs

      B. weighes

      C. is weighed

      D. are weighed

      16. No one but his parents__________how naughty he is.

      A. know

      B. knows

      C. are knowing

      D. knew

      17. We are surprised to know that the number of the students__________about one thousand.

      A. have

      B. has

      C. are

      D. is

      18. Sally, together with her students__________visiting the zoo this time yesterday.

      A. is

      B. was

      C. are

      D. were

      19. Billy as well as his brother__________very hard and__________a prize every year.

      A. studies… is awarded

      B. study… are awarded

      C. studies… awards

      D. study… award

      20. __________of the land in that district__________covered with trees and grass.

      A. Two fifth… is

      B. Two fifth… are

      C. Two fifths… is

      D. Two fifths… are

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