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        Royal Mail Special Delivery

        At the Post Office you can send letters and parcels (包裹) in different ways.First­class post takes one to two working days.Second­class post takes two or three working days.And Special Delivery is for important things.

        When you send something by Special Delivery,1.________ first you write the person's address on the front of the parcel and your address on the back.2.________ Then you take it to the Post Office.Tell the assistant that you want to use Special Delivery.3.________ Next show her the address,4.________ and then put the parcel on the scales (稱) so she can weigh it.5.________ Then give the parcel to the assistant,and say how much it is worth.She will check if you have put your address on the parcel.Then she will give you a receipt for your parcel.Special Delivery gets there before lunch the next working day.

        1.__B__ 2.__F__ 3.__C__4.__A__


        (二) (2013,金華、麗水)


        A.That afternoon Robbie came to visit me.“Mr.Banks says you can do the test at home instead.” he said,but I knew he was joking.I didn't think it was very funny,but he did.

        B.As my dad couldn't drive me to the first yoga lesson,I decided to go to the gym by bike.The lesson was great and I felt really relaxed.However,it started raining on the way home and I got very wet.

        C.Last Sunday,I decided to take yoga.Yoga is a kind of sport which helps you to relax and keep fit.

        D.The next day,I woke up with a bad cold.I couldn't go to school.We were having a maths test that day so it was great that I could stay at home.

        E.On Tuesday,I was still a bit weak,but I was feeling better.When Wednesday came,I was able to go back to school.

        6.__C__ 7.__B__ 8.__D__ 9.__A__





        Tony It is important to wear the most comfortable clothes at school.My friends and I all prefer T­shirts in summer.


        Jimmy We do a lot of sports at school,so it is a good idea to wear clothes that are good for sports.


        Susan It is getting warmer and warmer.A dress is a perfect choice.Girls look nice in dresses.


        Johnson Our school has a respect for the traditional Chinese culture.So why not get all the students in Tang Zhuang?


        Emma We'll have many activities in the coming months.So a suit (a set of clothes) will be the one as we need to dress up for these activities.



        16.Isabel: List the foods served on the school lunch menu for one day.Tell why you think that group of foods was chosen.Then write a passage about your favourite school lunch.Tell why it is your favourite.

        17.Michael: Watch a nature or wildlife program on television.Take notes as you watch.Think about what you've learned.Write a passage of information telling about the subject of the program.

        18.Sarah: What is your favourite sports activity? Think of reasons why others would enjoy it too.Does it develop your skills? Does it teach teamwork? Why is it fun? Write a passage that will advise another person to try the activity.

        19.Alan: Music is enjoyable.It can also excite your imagination.Listen to a piece of music that you like.Does it create any pictures in your mind? Does it carry you away to another place? Tell what you can see and hear in your imagination.

        20.Ricky: Sometimes it takes several steps to solve a math problem.Think of a problem that you have solved.You might have worked out how much money you would have left after buying some things.Now tell other people what steps to take to solve the problem.

        16.__C__ 17.__F__ 18.__A__ 19.__B__



        A.Putin,who has been married for 30 years,said on Russian state television,“I am single again,and we are no longer living together.But we are always going to be very close to each other.I'm sure.”

        B.Runners in the Marathon of the North took the wrong route in Sunderland because they were given the wrong directions.It meant only one of the competitors completed the full marathon.Jake Harrison won the event.

        C.As the lights came on and music started,Xu Tianqi,22,appeared on the catwalk.He is majoring in fashion performance now.Last month,he flew to America for the competition.He came second.Xu knows how much he has worked for his dream.

        D.The director of The Daily Meal said that they just wanted to choose a restaurant where food was cooked perfectly.A Taiwanese restaurant won the first place in Asia at last.The restaurant named Din Tai Fung lies in Taipei and it's famous for Chinese traditional food—dumplings.

        E.A simple act of charity started in a coffee shop in Italy.It is spreading around the world and has become a trendy topic.It's called “Suspended Coffee”(待用咖啡).At certain cafes,you can pay for your own coffee as well as a second one,which can then be offered to someone in need of it.


        21.Student Realized His Dream

        22.Taiwan Restaurant Became Asia's Best

        23.Marathon Runners Took Wrong Route

        24.Suspended Coffee

        25.Putin Is Single Again

        21.__C__ 22.__D__ 23.__B__ 24.__E__





        26.__A__Tom is too heavy and he feels really tired in doing sports.

        27.__C__Jenny always feels nervous before exams.

        28.__B__Mary loves drinking cold water before doing sports.

        29.__E__Sally hates exercise,and she only wants to do the practice a few days before the exam.

        30.__D__Jack often has a twitching leg after 1000 m run.

        A.Keep a balanced diet in the wintertime,or you'll find you are too fat to take the PE exam in spring.

        B.Don't drink any water in half an hour or eat cold food before the exam.Or you may be sick.

        C.Relax or you will make mistakes and waste time.

        D.Do warm­up exercises before the exam.If not,you may have a twitching leg!

        E.You'd better put in as much practice as possible.Train for the exam well every day.


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