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        In modern society,people use money every day.It seems that it is very important in our life.That's because without money you can't buy any goods (商品) you want.But I think few people know the history of money.

        Long ago,people did not need money.They lived on wild animals,fruits and other plants.As time passed,people learned to raise animals and crops.Sometimes,families produced more than they needed,so they started to trade with other families.Later,people began to use money as a means of exchange.However,it was not the kind of money we use today.They used shells,rice,salt,large stones,etc.

        During the 600s BC,people began using coins as money.They soon found that coins were easier to carry than goods and lasted a long time.Later,countries began to make their own coins.

        The Chinese were the first to use paper money,probably as early as the 11th century.The Italian traveler Marco Polo saw the Chinese using money when he visited China in the 1200s.However,European countries did not start using paper money until 1600s.

        Today,we have many ways to pay for things.We do not use coins or paper money.Often,people prefer to pay for things by card.Paying with a card is easier and safer than carrying around a lot of “real” money.

        1.People used __C__ as a means of exchange before the 7th century BC.

        A.paper money B.card

        C.large stones D.coins

        2.From the passage,we know that European countries used paper money in the __D__.

        A.11th century B.12th century

        C.16th century D.17th century

        3.Which of the following is TRUE in this article?__B__

        A.Marco Polo was from Canada.

        B.Chinese used paper money earlier than Italy.

        C.Today people often prefer to pay for things by salt.

        D.Carrying around much “real” money is easier and safer than paying with a card.


        Many people have a fear(害怕) of public speaking.According to a study,it has an influence on 3 in every 4 people.This fact is surprising and worrying,as most jobs require some speaking ability.The following will help you to make a speech better.

        Write note cards.Write main ideas on your cards.Don't write details.Put in some fun facts,questions,and other activities on the cards to share with the class.Don't look at your note cards for a long time while speaking.If necessary,you're only going to want to have a quick look at the card for information,not read every last word.

        Smile at your class.When it comes time to speak,there's nothing that draws your class into your speech than a good old­fashioned smile.Be happy,because you're about to teach your class something they didn't know before.Studies have shown that smiles_are_infectious.That means once you smile,it's hard for everyone else not to smile.So if you want your speech to go off well,smile.That'll make everyone smile and maybe those smiles will make you actually smile.

        Make eye contact.Nothing is more boring than listening to speaker who looks at the floor or at note cards.Relax.Your class is made up of your friends and you talk to them all the time.Talk the same way now.Have a look at every person in the classroom at least once.That way,everyone will feel like you're communication with them.Also,you'll look like you know what you're talking about.

        Use hand motions.Move your hands along as you talk,using them to express your key points and keep the class interested.It will also lead your nervous energy into a better place.

        4.According to the passage,__B__ of people might fear to speak in public.

        A.100 percent     B.75 percent

        C.50 percent D.25 percent

        5.In Paragraph 3 of the passage “smiles are infectious” means __A__.

        A.smiles can be passed on

        B.it's hard to smile

        C.smiles keep people fit

        D.people should smile every day

        6.Which picture matches the last paragraph best?

        7.The passage mainly talks about __A__.

        A.a boy's speech in class

        B.how to write note cards

        C.the fear of public speaking

        D.how to make a speech better


        We are pleased to announce(宣布) the results of our competition to create a new school festival for students to celebrate this year.This competition,which we have had twice,has been a huge success.But this year,we have had more entries(參賽作品) than ever before!

        We have received many wonderful suggestions,including one that suggested there should be a festival of shoes!This was certainly a creative idea,but not surprisingly,our judges(裁判) likes other suggestions more!

        The winning suggestion was from Henry Chan,who suggested that there should be a festival of bicycles.It was the judges' favourite.Henry,who is in Grade Eight,said that he went to school by bicycle every day and enjoyed taking bicycle trips very much.He added that so much public bicycles were in use in our city that it would be a shame not to celebrate them.

        As part of the festival,a bicycle trip will be organized in the city.Then students will hold a ten­metre bicycle riding competition,in which anyone who can ride the slowest wins.What's more,you students are called on to ride bicycles to school as often as possible.

        The Bicycle Festival will start on June 18th and last two days.We hope you will take part in the festival and do your bit to protect our environment!

        8.This announcement is made to __D__.

        A.judges B.parents

        C.teachers D.students

        9.The underlined word “them” in Paragraph 3 refers to “__D__”.

        A.ideas B.shoes

        C.bicycles D.competitions

        10.After this year's Bicycle Festival,what will happen most probably?__B__

        A.Fewer people will use public bicycles.

        B.More students will ride bicycles to school.

        C.The Bicycle Festival will be held every year.

        D.Bicycle trips to other cities will be organized.

        11.What's the best title for the announcement?__D__

        A.Care for the Environment

        B.Entries from Creative Students

        C.Suggestions to the Students

        D.Results of New Festival Competition


        Born in Ghana,West Africa,in 1989,Freddy Adu has become one of the most promising young soccer players in the world.Soccer fans have been crazy about him since 2003,when he became the youngest player to join a professional sports team in the United States.The next year,he became the youngest athlete ever to play in an all­star game,a match in which the best players from many professional teams compete.

        As a child,Adu did what many children in Ghana love to do—play soccer.His mother recognized her son's talent and encouraged it by providing soccer balls,which were expensive for them.Since he had soccer balls,other children always came looking for him and played together.

        Education was very important to Adu's mother,and she wasn't sure that her son could receive a good education in Ghana.So she tried hard and moved to Maryland,U.S. in 1997,when he was eight years old.His new school friends soon noticed his talent for soccer,and the parents of one friend encouraged him to join a soccer club.This was his first time playing organized soccer,and he helped his team from the Potomac Soccer Association win a tournament in Italy in 2000.One professional Italian team was so impressed by Adu that they offered him $750,000 to play for them.Adu's mother refused the offer and thought that her eleven­year­old son needed to finish school first.

        Adu did finish high school at the age of 14.Nowadays,he is playing professional soccer and living with his mother in a house he bought for her.His salary with the D.C. United team is $500,000 a year,and Adu is also paid to advertise products such as sports shoes and drinks.Adu is happy that his mother no longer has to work at two jobs,and his fans are happy that they can watch him play their favourite sport for many years to come.

        12.Freddy Adu was __D__ years old when he became the youngest ever all­star team player.

        A.eight B.ten

        C.thirteen D.fifteen

        13.Adu's mother helped him develop his talent by __C__.

        A.making him play soccer every day

        B.finding him a soccer coach

        C.offering him soccer balls

        D.making him join the school team

        14.Which is the correct order of the following events?__D__

        a.Adu became the youngest professional soccer player in the USA.

        b.Adu's family moved to the United States.

        c.Adu's mother noticed his special ability to play soccer.

        d.Adu is paid to advertise sports shoes and drinks.

        A.b—c—d—a. B.a—c—b—d.

        C.d—c—a—b. D.c—b—a—d.

        15.What can we learn from the passage?__D__

        A.As a child,Adu taught other children to play soccer in his hometown.

        B.Adu moved to the USA because there were no soccer teams in Ghana.

        C.Adu helped his team win a tournament and got $750,000 in Italy in 2000.

        D.Adu gets more than $500,000 a year and lives happily with his mother now.


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