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        it is the duty of every citizen to honor the national flag. Why? Because the national flag is the symbol of a (the) country. To respect it means to respect the country. In other words, if a man loves his country, he must love the national flag.
        In school, the national flag is usually raised at a certain time every day. Then the principal, teachers, staff and students are to (must) stand before it and sing the national anthem. It is indeed extremely meaningful to attend such a ceremony.
        After morning's class, we couldn't help rushing to the cafeteria. It always brought us coolness. The food was so-so, but the home-cooking is much delicious. When we almost finished eating, I suddenly saw a familiar face——our foreign teacher Nick. A girl was sitting beside him. They were talking over lunch. I at once told my friends Sandy and Jenny about it. We were so excited. I slowed my speed of eating to wait for that girl. At the moment, they finished their lunch and walked by us with the smile on their faces. Nick seemed so different from how he looked in the class. I guess that is the power of love. Hope they will enjoy everyday when they get together. So romantic!
        I expect that Nick will tell his love story to us.
        Today is the Lantern Festival. It's also Valentine's Day in China. On this day, people often hold an exhibit of lanterns. And a lot of people like to guess the riddles written on lanterns. This is a characteristic.
        Some of people also like to play fireworks. It's very interesting and nice. I like it so much. We must have family reunion dinner on that day. We also have sweet fillings in the evening.
        But today is the last of the Spring Festival. I feel a little sad. What a pity. I don't want the Spring Festival over. But it is not possible.
        Today is Sunday. Hot weather. I and my best friend go swimming, swimming pools, many people. Then we go to a lot of things, they were very delicious. I like to eat the ice-crowm. I eat two. 16:00 us to go home. She in our home to eat meals, a very rich dinner.
        This morning,my bset friend XiaoLuo called me out for buffet dinner. I have never gone to eat buffet before.
        we met at the gate of buffet restaurant of HanTingXuan near the Center square in GuiLin downtown at 11 am.After buying tickets we went into therestaurant excitedly.As a food junkie,to be honest,I was totally stunned by a whole bunch of delicious!grill,hamburger,cake,sushi,drinks,seafood,iscream,hotpot,ect. In total, I ate four piece of cake,five sushis,a plate of grill,an iscream,a cup of lemon juice,five dumplings,a fly rice,a cup of pudding,a plate of fruit sala,some popcorn,two puffs and some Canonese Dim Sum.After two hours eating,I felt extreamely stuffed that my belly were going almost burst !To relieve stomach tension,then we hang around the town.
        Stuffed and tired,but I felt very happy!
        In this morning,I felt very uncomfortable when i wake up,after i got up,i sneezed continuously,so i realized that i had caught a cold.Then i went to the clinic nearby my home to see the doctor, the doctor prescribed some cold medicine for me and told me to drink lots of hot water. After taking the pills i had a good sleep,now i feel better,I hope i will be better soon.


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