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      The New York Stock Exchange said on Monday Washington time that it no longer intends to move forward with the plan to delist three Chinese telecom companies, in light of further consultation with relevant regulatory authorities.


      2020年12月31日,美國紐交所宣布將中國電信股份有限公司、中國移動有限公司、中國聯通(香港)有限公司等三家中國企業從紐交所摘牌(delist three Chinese telecommunications companies)。中國商務部、證監會以及外交部先后就此進行回應。


      1月2日,中國商務部(Ministry of Commerce)新聞發言人發表談話。

      The United States' act of abusing national security to suppress Chinese enterprises is inconsistent with market rules and goes against the logic of the market. The move will not only harm the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises, but also the interests of investors from other countries, including the United States, said the spokesperson, adding that it will seriously weaken the confidence of all parties in the US capital market.



      Abuse這個詞可以用作動詞或名詞,均表示“濫用,虐待”等意思,比如:power abuse/to abuse power(濫用職權)、child abuse/to abuse a child(虐待兒童)、drug abuse/abuse drugs(藥物濫用)、verbal abuse/verbally abuse someone(語言暴力)等。實施這些行為的人就是abuser。

      China opposes the US act of abusing national security and listing Chinese enterprises as so-called "Communist Chinese military companies" and will take necessary measures to resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises, the spokesperson said.


      1月3日,中國證監會(China Securities Regulatory Commission)新聞發言人就紐交所啟動中國三家電信運營商摘牌程序事宜答記者問。

      The delisting of three Chinese companies by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under a US government order disregarded related companies' actual conditions and global investors' legitimate rights and interests and severely disrupted market order.



      這里的delist就是動詞list加表示否定的前綴de構成的詞。List做名詞的用法,我們都很熟悉,就是表示各種“列表、名單”等,比如常見的“黑名單”就是blacklist,shopping list就是“購物清單”,還有Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity(人類非物質文化遺產代表作名錄)等;作動詞的時候list就表示“將...列入名單、名錄”,比如:I blacklisted him on my WeChat.(我在微信里把他拉黑了)。而加了前綴de的delist則表示“將...從名單、名錄中移除”。前綴de用來表否定的詞還有decrease(下降)、deflation(通貨緊縮)等。

      Having issued American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) and been listed on the NYSE for nearly or over two decades, the three Chinese firms have complied with the rules and regulations of the US securities market, and are widely acknowledged by investors worldwide, the spokesperson said.


      Given the three companies' large user base, stable operation, significant influence on the global telecommunications service industry, as well as the small proportion of ADRs in their total shares, the act of delisting will have very limited impact on their market operation and development, according to the spokesperson.



      這里的impact多用來表示“直接的沖擊、影響,撞擊”等,比如:many people so far will have noticed little impact from Brexit(很多人感受不到英國脫歐產生的影響);另一個表示“影響”的詞influence則強調“潛移默化的影響”,即“to affect or alter by indirect or intangible means”,比如:my lifestyle is greatly influenced by my parents(我的生活方式受我父母影響很大)。交通違法行為中有一個叫 driving under the influence,指駕駛員在酒精或藥物的影響下開車,一般翻譯為“酒駕或毒駕”。

      The commission will firmly support the three firms to protect their rights and interests, and believes that they will handle the adverse impact appropriately, said the spokesperson.


      Some US politicians, at the cost of damaging the global status of their own capital market, have recently made moves to suppress US-listed foreign companies constantly. These moves showed the randomness, arbitrariness and uncertainty of the country's rules and regulations, and were therefore unwise, the spokesperson said.


      "We hope the US sides will respect the market and the rule of law, and do more to protect the order of the global financial market, safeguard investors' lawful rights and interests and promote the steady development of the world economy," the spokesperson added.



      China firmly opposes the United States' acts of politicizing economic and trade issues and abusing its state power and the concept of national security to groundlessly suppress Chinese companies.


      "Such acts have seriously breached the US much-touted principles of market economy and fair competition, as well as international economic and trade rules," she said.


      Some political forces in the United States have continuously suppressed foreign listed companies for no reason, which reflects the arbitrariness and uncertainty of its systems and rules, Hua said, calling such acts "very unwise."


      The acts will not only harm the interests of investors from various countries, but also damage the national interests and image of the United States, and the global status of the US capital market, because such a status was based on the confidence of global investors and enterprises in the inclusiveness and certainty of its rules and systems, she said.


      "We hope the US side will respect the market and the rule of law, and do more to maintain the order of the global financial market, protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, and contribute to the stable development of the global economy," said Hua.


      The Chinese government will take necessary measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies, she said.



      保護投資者合法權益 protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors

      違背國際經貿規則 breach international economic and trade rules

      維護中國企業的合法權益 safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies

      互利共贏關系 beneficial and win-win relationship

      經貿分歧和摩擦 differences and frictions on the economic and trade front

      多邊貿易體制 multilateral trading system


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