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      有聲雙語聽力 | 你覺得學習英語比較好的方式是什么?

      2021-03-18 21:53:06  每日學英語

      Best Way To Learn English


      Tom / United Kingdom

      The best way to learn English is go and live in an English country, take English lessons and get lots of English friends. Failing that, you just have to put in a lot a time and a lot of practice.





      George / United States

      The best way to learn English, I guess it would just be by talking to people in English and just keep going at it and keep going at it, and eventually you'll get it I think.





      Jess / United Kingdom

      The best way to learn English I think would be to go to England or to an English native speaking country and live there for maybe for a year or two years. I learnt a lot of Spanish by having a Spanish boyfriend, so I would also recommend a close relationship with someone who speaks the language you want to learn.





      Michael / Singapore

      The best way to learn English is to take whatever you learn in class and to practice it outside of class, because we know that most of the students they just learn it in class but they don't have opportunities to practice what they learn outside, so if you don't have any English speaking friends, what you can do is of course go online and there's a lot of pen pals and you can just make some friends online to practice your English and that would work as well.





      Mike / United States

      Well, nobody learns the same the way so there are a lot of ways to learn. I think the best way is probably to vary the learning methods. Do a little reading, a little speaking, a little writing, and a little listening. Try to combine the different methods and get a balanced approach.





      Hanna / Australia

      The best way to learn English is to make lots of friends who speak English. If you have a lot of friends who speak English, then it becomes a very interactive experience and you also have incentive to learn more.