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      英語作文之機器人 關于機器人的英語作文怎么寫










        My name is Lin Tao. I always have a dream to own a robot in 2008 named Superman. It will be a product of AI(artificial intelligence) and it can do so many things for me, including helping me with all of my housework, especially cleaning the floor which i hate to do most. It could cook the meals anytime for my family. It could send me to school and fetch me from school instead of my parents. added up to all, it could also be my teachers, teaching me English and Math! What an assume robot it will be! With the breakthrough of technology, i strongly believe that my dream will come true oneday.


        Have you ever thought about the life with robots in the next 50 or 100 years?

        We can imagine that all the housework, including washing dishes and cleaning the windows and many kinds of things like this, will be done easily and automatically. It is just because we have robots. As long as they are at home, we will not need to go shopping and cooking by ourselves any more.If any family member get ill, we can still stay in our apartment. Because the robot is the doctor.

        Yes, robots may be everything except humans in the future.


        This is my new created robot, its name is Wheely Hero. It has a round head, two little hands, a tiny body and two legs which rolls like wheels. The Wheely Hero is very attractive and colourful, whats more is that it has many function. Firstly, it can help me to do housework for me. Secondly, the robot can sent me to school and work everyday on time. Thirdly, the robot can make food for me to eat 。 The only problem is that Wheely Hero need many electricity to support it, but I solve problem by adding a solar system. I am very proud of my robot.。


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