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      英語作文之機遇 關于機遇的英語作文怎么寫










        If you are university student,I think you have had the more chance to find a better job,but premise you should try to study for yourself when you were stayed in the university.Try to do that.If you are excellent student you will have the more chance to find a better job absolute doubelessly.

        When you stayed in your university,you can make more friends,they will help you to do everything in the future,and you can join the make a speech group to practise your spoken English,you also should go to the cooking group to do how to independent.And I think take care of yourself you can do anything.

        I think a university student's will have the more chance and opportunity.They haven't got more challenge in their future,if they are hard study students and join more advantageous individual develop group,their future will be better.They are life will brilliant.


        As is known to all, opportunities always coexist with challenges. They altogether play great roles in achieving success in any field, whether to an individual, a community or even to a country.

        what is the relationship between opportunities and challenges? For one thing, in order to seize opportunities, we must be ready to meet challeges, just as the proverb " God helps those who help themselves" shows. Meeting challenges means paving the way for opportunities. For another, opportunities are accompanied by challenges. A good case in point is China's entry into WTO, which provides us with more opportunities in economic growth, while, at the same time, brings us fierce competitions from foreign countries. Thus only by dealing with both of them properly can we reach our goal smoothly.

        From my perspective, the more challenges we have, the more chances we'll get to improve our world. We should enjoy being challenged because it's a world full of competitions. In a word, success will be round the corner if we hold the opportunity tightly and face the challenges bravely, confidently and optimistically.


        Every obstacle can be turned into an opportunity, if one has the right attitude or perspective. People with this attitude are buoyant, not easily discouraged, and welcome challenges and adversity. One personal example took place in sixth grade, when I broke my hand by falling off my bicycle. The doctor had to put it into a cast.

        The cast was a real obstacle. It was on my right hand, the one I write with. It looked like homework would be impossible! But I learned to type with one hand, and I did my English and social studies work on the typewrite. My mom helped me by writing out my math homework based on answers I gave her. The expe-rience sure helped my typing! It also made me learn the value of work, and gave me a chance to really learn to appreciate my mother.

        In addition, having the cast was an excuse to improve my basketball game. I was a decent player, but most comfortable with my right hand. But with the cast on I was forced to practice dribbling with my left hand, and now I can go either way.

        Finally, there was one other unexpected benefit. In art class, I was never good. But one day, with my hand still in the cast, I tried drawing with my left hand. To my surprise, I was much better at it than before! The cast is long gone, but I still draw left-handed and am really quite good at it. Maybe I’d never have know about this ability if hadn’t made my obstacle in to my opportunity.


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