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      英語作文之自信 關于自信的英語作文怎么寫










        As a famous saying goes that life is not a bed of roses,we will always encounter difficulties or troubles in our daily life.but what you should do when we are caught in difficult situations.

        First we should keep an optimistic attitude.

        Secondly,we should be clearly aware of our strengths and defects.

        Thirdly,we should know well about our enemy,the difficulties.

        Fourthly,when preparation work is ready,next we should put what we have planned into practice step by step.There go several pieces of advice.First of all,as a saying said that well begun is half done,so it's better to start from the easiest part of the trouble.Then,when we have made some achievements in dealing with the trouble,we can move on to the harder part of it.

        This way of handling trouble will be more effectively.After we conquer each high mountain of troubles,we will not only get new opportunities,but also make more achievements in the adventurous journey of our life.


        Confidence is essential for everyone. Only establishing confidence can we accomplish our goal. Nevertheless, many people especially teenagers are lack of confidence. What a serious problem! How to develop confidence?

        First of all, we should aware of our own advantages. Though nobody is perfect, we can be proud of own advantages. In this way, we can adapt the pressure of contemporary society.Secondly, we are supposed to give ourselves a smile face. It's necessary to remember that not tire of life and look down on ourselves. Facing a mirror to smile, maybe we will feel confident. Finally, we shouldn't be afraid of failure and challenges. On the contrary, we should raise our courage to overcome these problems.

        In a word, as a saying says,” Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you. "Confidence for us is an indispensable part of our life.


        As we all know, 'Failure is the mother of success.' to be a confidence people then you will get success ,but not everyone can be confidence , we should hold the idea that anything is possible. We should, or have to trust in ourselves.

        In short, self-confidence is the spiritual pillar of a person as well as the inherent power, which is of great importance and value to a person.

        Finally, I would like to use the following words as our mutual encouragement:'If you think you can, you can.'


        Some people say that self-confidence is the most beautiful. Confidence is a sense of certainty about their, no matter how others see you, treat yourself confident can never stingy. Self-confidence can you loose the burden in the heart, like a bird free flying, tell you not a little bird. More confident, life will be more beautiful.

        May be destined to a person's character, it is not easy to change. But if everyone into confident on their own elements, their life will become more colorful, more open. You may ask why you are confident? I think: confidence + opportunity = success.

        So self-confidence is indispensable auxiliary conditions. Everyone thinks oneself from birth, fate dominate everything, all want to follow the path of destiny. If you have such idea, may be you are wrong. Destiny is master in your hand, opportunity is in your side. The you find place, it did not work.


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