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      英語作文之生活態度 關于生活態度的英語作文怎么寫










        Being positive

        Whatever we have undergone in our life, we shouldn't complain about it. We may get a lot or lose so much in our life journey, but keeping a positive attitude should always be together with us. Nothing can defeat us if we are confident and diligent.

        Just as saying goes, God is equal to everyone. As he closes the door, he will also open a window for us.

        Being enthusiastic

        Even though we're poor in knowledge, our thinking is infinite. Maybe we will make some great achievements because of our enthusiasm. Whether we're experienced or not, it doesn't matter. Enthusiasm will take us further and deeper.

        Please remember, everyone is so talented, and no one is born stupid. Since there's an old saying, “Through a sand, we can see a world. In a flower, we can find a heaven."


        We have a saying "destiny" character creation, therefore, attitude, character and personality is attitude is destiny, so if the right attitude fate, fate nature also went toward the direction of "correct" development, it is logical, but in the life "attitude" how to "set"?

        But what is more complex, more likely, it is not so simple, or just take a single options can finish. Because of "life", the life span 70 to estimate assume a paragraph, such as 10 years before and after 10 years of life needs and ideological attitude is not the same growth to 20 years old, he again into 30 acceptable and the environment is not the same, and so on, has grown to 70 years old, affirmation is living in another world, so that each to a stage, it must be different degree of growth, and learn the different environment, needs and responsibility or said.

        Also means different stages, will have different life "attitude", will make the necessary adjustments "attitude", to face your own health life.


        There are two people watching outside the window. The first man can only see the rubbish, because he is a pessimist. He always complains about his life, as he always regards that God is not equal to him. While facing difficulties, he's always frightened.

        Therefore he often loses his chances to win. Reminding his old days, he's very regretful. Once his father had placed him at the entrance of the road and told him to be careful while choosing his life.

        But he has chosen the wrong way. Now he gets nothing from his journey but remorse and errors. He dares not to see his father in the haven. He often cries bitterly but in vain. No wonder he is a penniless failure.

        However, the second man is different from the first. Through the window, he can see the beautiful stars. As an optimist, he always smiles to everything. While facing difficulties, he still keeps a sense of humor.

        He can defeat all the setbacks and stumbling blocks by his great determination. And he often finds his life so colorful and interesting as he overcomes all the difficulties. What's more, he's very strong and powerful.

        Although life is very difficult outside, he still makes a great effort to overcome all the troubles. He's very brave and confident. He's so brave, brave enough to face the present life. He's so confident, confident enough to challenge himself. He's very easy-going and kind-hearted. He always helps others when they are in trouble. That's why he always owns a good fame.

        From the story, we know the fact that the second man has set a good example to us, so we must follow his good example.


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