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      英語作文之無償獻血 關于無償獻血的英語作文怎么寫










        As is obviously revealed in the bar chart above, over the past seven years (1998—2010), the proportion of free blood donation in clinical blood collection has been climbing and rocketed to over seventy percent in 2004, which is a welcome development to our whole society.

        The implied meaning of the bar chart above can be illustrated as follows. To begin with, the increasing percentage indicates that great changes have taken place in terms of people's spiritual civilization. Most people want to make contribution to our society in one way or another is a way to realize self-value. The spirit of selflessness is more pervasive than ever before. What's more, the statistics betray that modern people, especially the young, have a better understanding of medical knowledge. Most people have abandoned their old idea that blood donation is most harmful to human body. In one word, our spiritual progress and rich medical knowledge have resulted in such a positive result.

        In may view, effective measures should be taken to encourage free blood donation. First of all, a nation-vide education campaign should be launched to spread the necessity and knowledge of free blood donation. Besides, should be set up to protect those who donate blood. Only in this way can we create a harmonious and healthy society.


        Universities Should Reward Blood Donors.


        Should university students be rewarded for donating blood or should they do it out of altruistic reasons? As far as I am concerned, I believe that students should not make the donation merely in order to obtain rewards. Yet, institutions ought to devise some incentives to promote blood donation.


        To begin with, the act in question is to help or even save the lives of people in need. In view of the notion that prize and punishment should be meted out accordingly, donors should be rewarded for their selflessness. Second, the implementation of various incentives also serves to encourage students to donate blood. As the saying goes, "One good turn deserves another." Even if donors do demand some repayment, it is utterly justified. Meanwhile, the establishment of the incentive policy also reinforces an advantageous societal system where good deeds are encouraged. Nevertheless, the foregoing points do not justify able-bodied students eschewing blood donation if no rewards are offered. Otherwise, our world would be replete with mercenary individuals; and no society can survive let alone thrive when it is corrupted with selfishness.


        In the final analysis, students should make donations in an altruistic fashion".However, universities ought to present some rewards to express their gratitude.



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