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      英語作文之面對挫折 關于面對挫折的英語作文怎么寫










        The most successful person may not be the smartest ones.According to a survey conducted among a group of people who were in the same university ten years ago , those whose grade-point average was in the middle fifty percent , all become rich or managers of different fields , while not a single young man of the upper ten percent becomes an executive or boss.

        Why the smartest kids in the classwill not end up the richest? Why those who are not excellent in studies tend to be managers or own their own enterprise in their later life? And what factors lead to success in career and life if brains are not the only answer? According to my observation , academic brightness is only part of the story , the other factors are very important.

        One ingredient , among other things , is good interpersonal skills. There is stong evidence that friendship can help to tide you over a period of difficulty. With a wide circle of friends who can be trusted yo provide

        information and resources, your chances of success are much higher. On the contrary , if you are competent in profession , but have difficulty in getting along with your colleagues and even your boss, you can hardly survive the corporation.

        Another component is the ability to express oneself . In today s world , what really counts is the ability to express oneself rather than technical competence or professional knowledge . The larger the orgnization of which you are an employee , and th fiercer the competition , the more important it will be that you know how to convey your thoughts and convince others of your ideas.

        Personality is also an important factor. Whatever difficulty or situation , those who appear relaxed and confident are nearer to success. Obviously , among the ingredients for success , intelligence counts for the half , the rest depends on your personality , and other abilities.


        Have to be strong to face setbacks, must have the firm faith, stick to it, it will be successful, we will be able to realize the value of life, enjoy the real life.

        Remember that is first in the class last semester in campaign class committee, I summon up courage to sign up, but in nine points, lost, I feel I received a big blow. At noon, my tea rice don't think, sullen and sitting in the dad walked over to say: "why, baby?" "Dad, I lost, I was very uncomfortable, I think I'm too bad!" Dad had a calm, serious said: "children, ages, no one does not experience setbacks can success and failure. On the contrary, people are constantly meet setbacks, to overcome setbacks, in the process of setback is a part of life, so to speak. The girl, do you think about it!" Later, I think dad said is right, because the teacher also often say: experienced wind and rain, to see the rainbow, the mother of success is failure! Dad this passage also gave me a lot of inspiration, let me understand: failure is also what I need, because he can inspire me, push me!!!!!!! Make me more sharp!

        Setbacks with me!


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